Five Questions to Ask your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Provider

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can often create headaches for even the savviest of IT professionals, regardless of whether your CRM installation is on-premise or online. As with any external relationship, due diligence in vendor selection will eliminate many of the issues that can arise with a Dynamics CRM instance before they occur. Here are five critical questions to ask your potential Dynamics CRM providers to ensure a headache-free installation and an effective working relationship:
What is Your Dynamics Support Response Time?
Twenty four hours can feel like an eternity when faced with a deadline. Sales teams need CRM data to help close deals, finance teams use Dynamics instances to track overdue contracts, and account managers rely on Dynamics CRM to help ensure the health and satisfaction of their customers. If a CRM provider is unable to respond to requests or cases in a timely fashion, you may find that your Microsoft Dynamics CRM is being under-utilized (i.e. a resource wasted).
How Many experiences Do You Have with Dynamics CRM?
It may seem obvious, but the breadth of experience a CRM provider has provided a strong window into their ability to serve you and your team as effectively as possible. All instances of Microsoft Dynamics CRM are unique and customized to the myriad purposes of the tool’s users. A provider with strong installation and service experience over multiple years is more likely to have faced, and solved, your issue in the past. CRM providers that have worked in your industry or function are much more likely to have a successful solution in place more quickly.


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